Need help/advice for programming

I am at that stage in programming that whenever I see a question related to trees or graphs I don’t even read it and just skip it.I have no knowledge of trees or graphs but I want to learn them.I want help in how to start these topics and some problems(mostly basic) on them to gain some confidence. Can someone please help me or at least tell me the resources to start learning these topics.

Even I faced a similar issue few months back. You can go to


  • and jump to trees / graphs sections. Go through the introductory material and start solving. Use hints when stuck. After solving the question, go through the complete solution carefully to see how you could improve your code. Hope this helps!! cheers
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    If you have knowledge about linked lists stacks, queues then it is the time you should start learning about trees,and graphs and the geeks for geeks is one of the good site to learn trees and graph related theory and simple problems because i also started learning trees from geeks for geeks

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