Can some one explain me the problem statement of DGTCNT?

@vishgoel007, please don’t ask questions relevant to an ongoing contest. DGTCNT is from an ongoing contest. If you have any doubts, directly comment on the problem page, and ask the moderator.

@vishgoel007, asking for problems related to an ongoing contest can fetch u a warning from codechef, so kindly withdraw the question asap, all the best solving the problems. Do let the admin know if there are any discrepancies present in the question.

Yes I’ll explain you the problem and even the contest setter tester and editorial reviewer will explain you nitty gritty of the question, but you need to wait until 17th, cause everyone is so busy in this hot summer, by this time if you can figure out all the best to you,
A hint - Read the problem statement million times, if still you don’t understand write it down million times probably you’ll understand by that time, if you still couldn’t we will surey help but after 17th!


If it is a detailed explanation about what exactly the problem is, you need to wait until the contest ends. However if you have any sort of doubt over some part of the problem statement, feel free to get it clarified by raising your doubt in the Comments section on the Problem Page!

Ongoing event’s question explained is not allowed …so we can’t answer your question…once the event is completed revisit your query for the explaination