Need advise on CP (Job related)

why I should do CP? how it will help me in future in term of job in IT sector?
I have just completed my 2nd year and will enter in 3rd year in august 2017.
IS i am too late for CP ?
I know only basic data structure (stack,queue) etc
And basic programming skill.

u r never late to become good at CP !! coming to ur question…CP makes u to think a lot and brings out d hidden talent in u !! start practicing from (beginner/easy) according to ur ability !! once u feel good at dis level move on to medium,hard !! Never miss a contest(there are 3 contests every month) 1.long challange-10 days 2.cook-off and 3.lunch time …!!
if you know d basic DS implement them and some problems on them then move on to algorithms(most important part)…!!
by then u will be in a position to analyse what u should do …!!

happy coding:)

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If you take up CP even a little seriously, you can clear the coding interviews quite easily. The problems presented in a coding interview are on similar lines with the problems you would solve in CP. CP will boost your problem solving skills immensely.