Need advice related to CCDSAP

Hello everyone in the community.

I had gone out of the country for a month and now I cannot ask questions by logging in through my Codechef account. Well that’s not my real problem(if you do have a solution please tell me).

The purpose of this post or comment is that I had registered for the CCDSAP certification in January. Since you all know the date to the exam is 18th march which is very less time from now. I have fair knowledge of programming concepts and little knowledge of data structures. I cannot afford to fail the exam and lose 3000 inr. So I’m relying on the links provided by codechef.

My questions are

  1. How much is the passing marks of the exam.
  2. What level and type of questions can be expected in the foundation level
  3. Lot to ask for but can anybody tell me how I should be studying for the exam by targeting what and when

Waiting for response
Thanks in advance.

The answer to the first two questions can be found in the certification page itself Let me know if still need help in finding the answers to these two questions.

I checked a lot but could not find the answer to the first question i.e how much is the passing marks of the exam

It is mentioned in the under passing criteria in levels section.

I have posted it for your reference.

For foundation level you have to score 375 out of 700 to pass. For advanced level you have to score 650 out of 1000 to pass. For expert level you have to score 700 out of 1000 to pass.

Thank you very much @admin

Just one more thing. What would be the paper pattern, if you have a link please share.

@admin Do you have any link for sample paper or sample questions of CCDSAP exam? A paper pattern would be helpful go to this link you will find some mock test over there