Need a correct direction

i am a beginner to this coding site
and suppose if i start easy problems
and will face some difficulties in solving problem
then what is the best method to go with so that i can solve that particular problem??
Should i see problem submissions ??
or any other method i have to follow??

i am also a beginner…but i have heard that it is better that you go and first check the tutorial in which the link will be given in most of the problems.Then after implementing we can go other solutions- solved by others…:slight_smile: Enjoy coding

first choose a language in which your command is better ,also it should be fast enough like c,c++ etc.
then try to understand question,every question have more than one algorithm ,so find out the best algorithm for your particular question and code it.short and fastest code will be the king.
try to avoid looking into others submissions.
best of luck…

every question will have more than 1 algorithm.then we can get to kn ow about the better algorithms only through looking into others code.
It doesnt mean to copy it.i meant to learn it…:slight_smile:

As a beginner, i know it is very hard to come up with a solution to even a simplest problem. In fact i was able to solve the two easiest problem of codechef in nearly thirty attempts and it took me days.

In the beginning rather than wasting your time(if you are not getting the AC in few attempts) you can refer to the editorials (because many problems have some prerequisites, which if you don’t know you will end up wasting your time) and maintain like some kind of notes about the approaches you learn from there. Generally one problem is explained there in two-three ways.

I followed this approach and later I was able to apply these concepts(that i had learnt from editorials) to various problems and they helpful to me even now. This gave me a lot of confidence. I advise you to follow this approach.

Wish you good luck!!

there is a term called ‘complexity of algorithm’, that’s compare two algorithm . by the way i meant that first try to make your own algorithm, as it will help you to gain new thing and more experiences.
looking into others code is the last way.

yea…then it is okay bro…:slight_smile:
it is best to do first and then take others help/algorithm…:slight_smile: