My solutions(shown on the profile) from AUGUST LONG CHALLENGE disappeared

I scored 545 points in the long challenge.

I checked my profile and in the successfully solved problems, it shows none of them.
But you can see them in the recent activity.

What’s the matter? Can anyone explain me.

Bro there may be some bug while calculating rating but if it is not bug then :-

may be you have been caught for cheating from their side

but if you did not cheat then you can mail them and claim.

after some time you will receive a mail from codechef and you can see with whom you code is matching.

some times it matches weather you cheat or not because software cant judge us. :frowning:

i hope it will be alright :slight_smile:

Check your mail once ! codechef must have mailed you regarding removal of problems.

They’ve mailed me.

I didn’t cheat.

My code was submitted earlier than the cheater’s code.

what should I do?

It doesn’t matter whose code has been submitted first. Sharing your code/logic is considered cheating too.

if there is any difference in both of the code then mention them and explain you did not cheat if no difference in both code then its not possible at least indentation differs and variable name

that’s why it is advice to take different variables and different style of code :frowning: because logic will match because of thousands submission.