My ratings are not calculated correctly.

This ques CHEFDETE and STROPR of FEB Long Challenge shows my answer correct in Submission1 and Submission2. But I am not showing in contest ranks and so my rating is shown decreased. Please check the issue.

Hey Rahul, Can you send us an email at bugs[at]codechef[dot]com. We will look into the issue and will fix it at the earliest.

I’ve sent it.

You are most probably caught in case of plagiarism.

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Even my submission was rejected , what is the reason for this.

My ratings are also dropped. Its probably due to fault in codechef system because of which some other user copied my code. Admin please look into the matter, I have submitted my code for STROPR before the guy who copied my code.

Did you ran your code on ideone without making it secret or locked ?

no i didn’t. I only run code on eclipse on my system.

The truth is that this time codechef guys were so lazy that they left a bug that the users could view others’ code. So they think many users have copied the solutions. They didn’t even think about that 1st and 2nd problems really have a simple and unique way to solve and most users used the same technique and even same implementation. That’s why many codes got rejected. Now we users are getting punishment for their laziness. WOW!!!

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When am I gonna get my ratings back?