MXDIST - extra test case added in the last 24 hours - wrong TL?

An extra test case was recently added for problem MXDIST. The test case is added to subtask #3. Per problem statement, the TL for tests in subtask #3 should be 5 seconds. However the new test case has TL of 1 second. What’s wrong?

Furthermore, as I can see it, after the addition of the new test case, the old solutions were not rejudged. Is it supposed to be so?

P.S. I already asked the question in the Comments section of MXDIST. It’s been 10 hours ago and no reply there.

P.P.S. It has been more than 14 hours since I posted the note in the Comments section of MXDIST, and still no reply. Problem author Bogdan @bciobanu ? Contest admin Misha @mgch ?

Sorry, one of the participants came up with unintended solution and asked us to add the test.

When you do something on the test page, you need to synchronize it. Seems the setter added test case with wrong TL, but the system automatically synchronized :frowning:

The TL for that test will be changed and all submissions will be rejudged. Sorry once again :frowning:

P.S. I’m currently in Japan and can’t handle all things immediately :((


Hopefully, the MXDIST Editorial will tell us about it :slight_smile: