Multiple Sessions

Why doesn’t codechef allow multiple sessions?
I often work on multiple systems and browsers, so it becomes cumbersome to kill the other session every time I switch my system/browser?

@admin, When you will you allow multiple sessions since all major websites allow multiple sessions?


One and only reason is that no other guy can participate in any ongoing contest except you.

If Codechef allows multiple session then any two or more people can give the same contest with same Codechef ID at same time. And this will be definitely against the rule of conduct of codechef.

I hope you understand this and would not argue about this issue again.


multiple sessions shows that same account is operated in two different locations.
during the contest there might be a possibility that your code of any problem may copied,
and then you may come under the codechef cheating saga.
I think to avoid this multiple sessions are not allowed

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I will say, whenever you’re out to propose something, try to do some research and get their PoV and counter-argue accordingly.

Meaning, if the feature isn’t here, then there must be a reason for it. Check out what they said previously, if available. That way, you will have knowledge and facts.

Accordingly look for some effective arguments and measures. That way, the chances of your suggestion being taken multiply manifold. For example-

As people have said, that “it might be misused during ongoing contests.”

If you can come up with something like “But we can do so-so and this and…/ And by all this we can provide this feature without a compromise on contests.”

That way, there are high chances of your suggestion getting accepted :slight_smile:

On Topic- For everyone who have answered, can someone counter-argue his point that “all major websites allow multiple sessions?”. We cannot neglect that point if its genuine. If other websites found a way to provide the feature without any compromise on contests, then why cant codechef? It’d be great if anyone can comment/counter-argue on that point :).

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Thank for your input. I will surely try to suggest possible solutions for the problems next time onwards.

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Thank you all for your input. But, I don’t understand why do all the major sites like HackerRank and Codeforces allow for multiples sessions? There is a chance of misuse of the feature in those sites too.