Multiple duplicate submissions during black out time

During the recent blackout time (when codechef was not delaying/ not accepting solutions). My same solution got submitted 5 times even though I had clicked submit only once.

Has anyone else got this problem?

Since the verdict was WA, it’s not going to look good on my profile/graph lol.

It would be nice if @admin could remove duplicate submissions.

@admin can resolve the issue but I just want to add that reason for this overloading of servers may be people making fake accounts for 100% attendance so that their original account remains good and clean…not only this but many users are involved in bad practice for coming snackdown 2017.

Hope the admin resolves this issue, my correct solution got accepted more than 5 times.

Same problem with me but why do u care about WA when they do not have penalties in the long challenge. And regarding profile I don’t think it matters if your accuracy is less. My more than 10% of the solutions are because of whitespace/letters in input problem which happens in python. I have got 100s of WA/RTE in a problem because of it.


I just about to request this too. In my case, my C# code produce Runtime Error, NZEC (Internal Error if using IDE) after half an hour waiting for the submission queue for multiple times. I already checked many times and very sure there supposed not to have an error but too bad the error is too general for me to prove it is an internal server error.

I changed to Python for the last hour, because I believe C# server not running well, but it is too late, everything went down already.

It would be nice if @admin removes Runtime Error in all user profiles for this contest that related to the black out.

What do you think would be their logic? They would get banned before/during cashing out of laddus (as multiple accounts arent allowed) so i dont see any profit here :confused:

I also know multiple accounts are not allowed rather they should not…but I have seen people having accounts and every time they are making new accounts(reason can be any).

Either they forgot their old accounts password or I don’t know

Mail the respective account links to admins. Its been usually observed that multiple accounts are use din malpractices.

@adhish_kapoor But if someone post’s correct code from fake account and then from real account both the submission will be disqualified because plagiarism detector will detect similar code and this will be nothing but lossy deal for the user. :expressionless:

And the ids will get highlighted, possibly resulting in ban if admins checked them being same person. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A giant graph filled more than half red with WA surely doesn’t look good.

@abdullah768 No one really looks at the AC/WA graph since it does not say much about the coding ability of the person. You shouldn’t pay much attention to it.