implenting basic segment tree…cross checked many times…still getting wrong answer…pls help where am i doing wrong…? here is my code’s link-.


Replace this statement: float f,g,h; for this one: double f,g,h;

Meaning variables f,g and h should be double instead of float which caused losses of precision in your code. Read this StackOverFlow post.

Your logic is correct so by doing what I mentioned your code will get AC.

Some advises:

  • Next time PLEASE MAKE YOUR CODE READABLE… Don’t just name your variables a, b, c, d… It will help you code better and it will help others to help you;

  • Avoid using cin and cout (it can lead to TLE in some problems), use printf and scanf instead;

  • Indent your code, it will also make it easier to read, understand and debug.

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thanx junior94 …!! :slight_smile:

Can you help me pls… getting WA on codechef dont know why???