MPROJ Problem statement

Need Clarity in problem statement as per statement the efficiency is

“A Team of Mech guys from UVCE are working on a Robot, which can cut the ripen coconut from the tree by controlling the release of
enzymes in the tree. Team somehow manages to get the Size and ripeFactor of each coconut. If Size of the coconut is
strictly greater than minSize or ripeFactor is strictly greater than minRipeFactor then enzymes will be controlled to
cut that coconut, else it will not be cut.
The team wants to analyse the efficiency of their Robot. In a tree if the Robot cuts RCut coconuts but actually it was required to
cut ACut coconuts, then efficiency of the Robot will be RCut ÷ ACut. Write a program to calculate the efficiency of the

however out put explanation says


Robot will cut RCut = 2 coconuts, it was actually required to cut ACut = 4 coconuts, so ACut/RCut is 2/4, and simplified ratio is 1/2

also need a little clarity what is

ACut is divisible by Rcut or Vice versa
will the result be an Integer or a fraction like 2/1

The result is a fraction which may or may not be an integer. You need to give the reducedd form of the fraction. eg. If they are divisible e.g. 4/4 then output should be 1/1. Output should be the reduced fraction of ACut/ Rcut irrespective of divisibility.

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what if RCut = 0? should I print 0/ACut or simply print 0?

I think 0/ACut