Mountain Holidays Problem statement not clear

Can someone please explain me the problem statement of mountain holidays. In the problem it states “Two climbs, say i1 to j1 and i2 to j2, are different if and only if
(j1 – i1 != j2 – i2) or
heighti1+k – heighti1+k-1 != heighti2+k – heighti2+k–1 for at least some k in the range (1, 2, … j1-i1).”

From this i understand that two climbs are different if the differences in their x coordinates is not equal “(j1 – i1 != j2 – i2)” . But in the comments the admin says for the second case that “(0 to 2) and (4 to 6) are NOT the same.”

Please can someone explain either the second or the third test case with details. I hope i am not breaking any rule of the contest by asking for explanation.

u need to ask ne such explanation needed on the problem page…or maybe mail it to the admin!!!

also on DISCUSS u cannot post ne doubts related to ne of the running contests…not only the contests hosted by CodeChef…but by neother platform!!!

Kindly post your query on the respective problem page.