More Test Cases

More test cases should be provided for the problems of the contest !


ya i agree with you

there are reasons why Codechef doesnt provide test cases: [link][1]

Test cases, many times, act as spoilers, revealing more about the logic of a question than the author intends. A programmer must be able to judge ALL corner cases as well as any tricky cases, revealing these reduces the difficulty of the problem in some way. Also, if there is some ambiguity in the problem statement, you are free to discuss it on this forum. The author will make necessary changes in the statement.

But many time they make you pull your hairs to figure out what is wrong ?

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I think I was about something else then you are answering. It’s not about seeing failing test cases, but provide more test cases in problem statement.

I miss sometimes some non trivial test cases and/or proper explanation for the test cases. On TopCoder there is typically 4-6 test cases, with description for 2-3 first, letting the solver to find out why the answer for the rest is as it is… On the other hand, just for a comparison, CodeForces problems often do not have detailed description, but there is tpically more then 1 test case…

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That was what I was referring to more test cases in the problem statement itself.

Yeah,it would turn out to be a plus point in clearly understanding the problem!!

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Thats true…!