MockVita Round 2 2018

Hello friends can someone tell me how to approach these problems? I participated in this practice round in the morning and could not solve these 3 problems. Can someone tell me the approach to solve these problems. Thanks in advance.

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[Problem 1 ][1] [Problem 2][2] [Problem 3][3]

Note Contest is over so we can have a discussion over the approach used or can be used.

I am curious about A problem.

The problem name was great circles or something like that.

Test case:-


The first angle in this test case comes about to be less than 45 degrees but was simply taken as 45 degrees by the problem author. I don’t understand how atan(45/47) is 45 degrees. Did anyone else face a similar problem.?

yes, same issue faced by me here.

it was easy guys. There is a simple formula for the same. What about 4th, 5th and 6th problems?

yes, it was simple, but they had a pathetic compiler. I got results after like an hour only to receive compilation error lol.

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agree with this :slight_smile:

What formula?