Missing goody

Asking for single goody is kind of embarrasing but i will ask!!
I won a goody in August LunchTime 2014, i got a email asking my details, i replied it…No email contact thereafter.
From the past 2 months i have been sending them emails one after another…still No reply.
Now im posting this here so that someone can help…

Note: Also if someone else has received the goody of month August then please reply…

*_ * Waiting

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Hey bro! Shall i ask you- It seems like you have done only one question in the lunch time and how come you won a goodie? I did not understand that! Can you please tell me for what is the goodie?


Asking for goody is not embarrasing, You have won it :slight_smile: I’ll confirm the status of your goody in a while.


top 10 school students in lunchtime win a goodie(from India). I literally had the last rank in a lunchtime and still won a goodie :stuck_out_tongue: because only 8 people could solve a problem (including me)


hahaha!! That is cool! i wish i was in school right now :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


As @dpraveen said, asking for goody should not be embarrassing! You have won it and you have a right on it. It should be embarrassing for us that you have to ask for it inspite of you sending emails! We have also been trying to ensure that this is not repeated. http://blog.codechef.com/2014/09/27/come-let’s-find-your-missing-goodie/ . We request you to go through it and get in touch with us if your goodie does not reach you on time.

Just looked into our emails and found one email from you. If you have sent more than one, we would like to know the email address to which you have been sending those emails. The dispatch for this month has been done. We will dispatch your goodie, with the next lot, which will be around 10 of November. We regret the delay. Keep bugging us if you do not get your goodie!


Hey admin,
I didnt want to hijack this thread but similar thing has happenned to me as well. I was top 20 in august long 14. I haven’t got a single email from codechef asking for my details. I’ve also mailed you guys twice on the matter. Can you please look into this matter(Kinda waiting for that tshirt…1year effort 3 months wait)

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haha! thats for being in the LunchTime Indian top 10…benefits of being in a school :slight_smile: Oh and that question was done at the last moment when the contest was abt to end!!

Only 1 mail?? I am actually sending mail once every week for the past 1 month to every email that i can find on codechef site. I sent my complete details to rudreshwar@codechef.com, After that to winners@codechef.com, then to schools@codechef.com

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@admin Why dont you implement some kind of webpage where people who have won can enter their details…this way the email fuss can be eliminated.

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:stuck_out_tongue: ahahaha you did it ! that is the main point! Congrats!! :slight_smile:

Happy Coding

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Hi, my goodie was from the August Challenge. I haven’t received it yet either… Can admin please tell me when will it be dispatched?

@semiconductor: Unfortunately we do not have any email from you to schools@codechef.com. If it is from a different email id then we may have missed it. The email to send your emails for goodies should always be winners@codechef.com.

Regarding having a different web page for winners, it is a good idea, but it will need resources for us to build it and we already have other things at hand that deserve more priority. Till that time, please feel free to call us in case we miss out on anything.

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@nitinj: We had sent an email to you on 18/08/14 asking you for confirmation of your details. Apparently this did not reach you or might be in your spam folder. We did not receive those details from you to send the goodie.

We see that you have sent an independent email to us only on 21/10/14 with your details. We will be processing your goodie in the next slot. In the meantime, please read the blog on missing goodie and know the steps so that you can get in touch with us when there is any issue in future.

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No I did’nt get the email. I check my spam folder as well.
Anyways, thanks that you have started processiong my goodie. Hope to get it soon.

Hey Admin I have also won a goodie in August Lunchtime and I have sent all the details 3 months ago… but still there is no sign of goodie…Actually I have sent many mails on “winners@codechef.com” but not get any reply… Can you Please look into this matter…Thank you!!!