[Minor Bug] Unable to re tag questions.

@admin @vijju123
Post here says - https://blog.codechef.com/2014/11/18/the-new-karma-system/
Minimum reputation to retag others questions - 500
Due to which I should be allowed to re tag others question. But

I’m unable to do this.

Below screenshots is the series of events which occur with me with an example.
I have added time in screenshot so that this can be used to view system error log.

This was not the first time. I have been seeing this whenever I try to re tag a question.

Click to view

alt text

Click to view

alt text

Click to view

alt text

None of the images are visible at the moment. Will try to fix this after my exam tomorrow. Please give me time till tomorrow, right now, I am over-flooded with requests and other things. As I sequentially finish and do away with those, I will get back to your case. Thanks!

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If you want I can mail them to you. Basically first 2 images are how I am trying to retag. And Third page is the error page.Which shows 500 server error ans a message system error log is recorded, error will soon be fixed. I have added clock so that time 01:07:38 10 may 18. Can be used to find logs.

I looked at it. Seems I can add remove tags. Can you please give me a screenshot of what buttons you clicked? Where did you see the specific option of change tags?

Update- Just watched your first screenshot zoomed in. Theres as such no option for me to “retag” since I can directly edit the question. I will bring it to @admin 's notice.

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@vijju123 Are your exams over ?? Error still persist.

Remind me tomorrow after lunchtime please.

@vijju123 Lunchtime Over. CF round over. ^^ Reminder.

Reported to @admin. Lets see how long @admin takes to fix it.

@vijju123 3 more karma points to go. Then Edit option will appear for me. And I will be impossible for me to check if this bug exists. Can this be fixed faster ??

how much I need to see that option ?? 500 ?? If so then I ll be able to see it soon…

if (747+3==500)
printf("@l_returns will see edit option soon");
printf("@l_returns wait for sometime. And keep working");

At this point of time I am not even sure if the rules are still same- i.e. whether its a bug or case of silently changing the rule.

Yes this may happen. Because I have also seen questions posted by users with 1 karma point.

that option means the option you were talking about… about retag… which is gonna vanish after you get 3 points… but it will appear to me as I ll get 500…

Yes. It will appear I you reach 500. (If rules are not changed). But I was never able to use that option through. xD

got the option for retag now… though waiting for getting 500 contributions this month… 16 to go… hope I ll :smiley:

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder what does “reduce karma to 0” button do. Can I test it on you @l_returns ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahaha , no please…

if there is any button like increase karma by 500 then please test it on me