Minimum Number of Calls to be made ?

There are ‘n’ number of detectives…each one knows an information, how many minimum calls should they make so all the detectives know all the n number of information ?

My answer: I came up with 2n-3 (that is, n-1 + n-2) solution where a detective calls n-1 other detectives and shares information mutually (in this way the last detective and the first has all the information). Then the remaining n-2 detectives who doesn’t have the whole data calls either the first detective or the last to gain the remaining information.

@saikiranboga11 : Hello , sorry my earlier comment was wrong so I have deleted it.

The paper you mentioned is about a must broader result and hence is difficult to follow .

If you are just interested in the base problem , have a look at this paper

It has a one page solution and is easily followable

Hope that helps .