Minimum distance of a node in tree where more source nodes are added in queries

N=10^5 nodes and E = n-1 edges in a tree.there are Q = 10^5 queries.
Initially node 1 is source node.
source set = { 1 } where distance d = 0.

in each query two integer : type V

two type of queries :

type=2 : add node V to sources set
type=1 : print minimum distance to reach at v from among the sources.

input format :

first line : N{no of nodes} Q{no of queries}

next n-1 lines a b represents bidirectional edges between a to b node.

next Q lines have two integer TYPE V each.

TYPE = 1 or 2

test data :

6 4

1 2

1 3

2 4

2 5

3 6

1 4

1 6

2 2

1 4

Output :




Any O(NlogQ) or O(NlogN)??? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Keep the follwing data updated during insertions: The minimum distance of a node to v a source node in the subtree rooted at v. To update you will have to update nodes on the path from the new source node to the root. For the query you also have to check the nodes on the path up to root and compare appropriately.

This will work for all but very unbalanced trees. If you still TLE you have to use for example a heavy-light-decomposition.

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This can be solved with Centroid Decomposition of the tree

It takes O(NlogN) for decomposing tree and O(log^2N) for each query

For more information about this technique, read this awesome article by Tanuj Khattar : Centroid Decomposition of a Tree

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Maybe you can do an “Offline Query Processing”…by taking all the inputs first and insert all the source nodes to your set and then pre-processing the distances.This is just a rough idea.

How do you augment the centroid decomposition in order to compute the distance to the (growing) source set?

Initially consider the distances to be Infinity, Now start adding the elements of source set one by one by updating the ancestors in centroid tree