medium level problem - Marbles SIGSEGV error

for the problem Marbles : here is the code.
But the problem is code chef is returning SIGSEGV error and i am unable to find out the problem in my code. So please tell me can my code be modified to fit the conditions of the question or do i have to think from a new perspective?

here is the code:

using namespace std;

long long int C(int n,int r)
        return n;
        return 1;
    long long int c=C(n-1,r)+C(n-1,r-1);
    return c;

int main()
    int t;
        int n,r;

You are using recursion may be due to stackoverflow you are getting this error. You should find a better efficient method for calculating nCr for given “n” and “r”.
You can further optimiz it . Posting code here but don’t copy this code , try to understand it and then modify your code :slight_smile:

long long FindWays(int a,int b){
  int n = a-1;
  int r = b-1,i=0;
  long long result=1;
  if (r > n/2) {
    r = n - r;
  for (i = 0; i < r; i++) {
    result *= (n-i);
    result /= (i+1);
  return result;
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I think chandan is right. . .

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