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What does it mean ?

The first line contains t, the number of test cases (about 15). Then t test cases follow. Each test case has the following form.
The first line contains N (1 <= N <= 13), the size of the maze
The N following lines describe the maze. The meaning of the symbols is as follows:
‘.’ : an empty square
‘*’ : a treasure
‘#’ : a blocked square
The number of treasures in the maze does not exceed 13. Squares (1,1) and (n,n) are always empty.

Each test case’s input is separated by a blank line.

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First test case has the number of test cases. Before every test case is a blank line. Then, we have a number which denotes how many rows(coloumns) are there in the maze. The following N lines, describe the maze. The maze contains three symbols: ‘.’ and ‘*’ and ‘#’ which have pre-defined meanings. So, you have to do manipulation as required by the question’s logic and output for every test case on a separate line.

4  // number of test case
    // blank line before test case
3   // no. of rows in maze
...  // row1 of maze
.##  // row 2 of maze
*#.  // row3 of maze
     // blank space before the next test case
3   // n for the next test case and it follows next..