MAY14 rankings


In the Indian top 5 school students section of the MAY long challenge 2014 winners’ blog post, my rank is 1725 just before that of @ajs97 (1830). I am a school student studying in 10th grade in Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai (which is a school) yet my user name does not figure in this section. How come? Could you please verify?

HI @sandy999 I would suggest you send your complaint by email directly to It will get resolved much faster that way.

It seems, like incorrect information to me…

blog post you refers to

But I have no idea what that “Now let us meet our little geniuses from schools.” sentence means, ranking for 2014 Jun Lunchtime is here and it seems to me, like @ajs97 is not there…

As @kcahdog wrote, write an e-mail, we can’t help you with that.