May Lunchtime ended??

It says on contest page that may lunchtime has ended at 9:19 PM IST? time is supposed to be 10:30 pm IST? I can’t make any more submissions.

EDIT: The contest was cancelled due to issues related to OnlineJudge.

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Check the thread i created. It has a screenshot saying the contest was cancelled.

Yes, now i have a doubt…
Will this contest will be counted in 100 percent participation reward?

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Woah, thats a shame :(. Hope this doesn’t happen in Snackdown.

Thats a nice question tbh… I feel it will be ignored for that purpose, but only adimns can provide a confirmation. Want me to convert this into an independent Q? please refer to this post, for any further discussions.

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i’d like to know that as well, as i couldn’t submit any because i woke up late xD

Yes, that will be very helpful…

@ayushjain1201 No, I don’t think it will be counted in 100 percent participation reward.

Yes it has ended. And this contest is now unrated.

As it is considered now unrated
Attendance won’t be affected by this

Please refer to that question for any updates regarding this.