may lunch time duration

why did may lunch time contest expired before the scheduled time ?
it was expected to end at 22:30 but got expired at 21:14.

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Refer this:

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Please refer to threads already created at discuss first. This exact Q was asked ~1hr ago, thats why i am insisting :slight_smile:

Check out the contest announcement:

0:18 IST: The contest has ended now. The problems have not been moved to practice and the solutions submitted during the contest are not public.

20:15 IST: The number of submissions for the #LTIME48 contest overwhelmed our judge servers and most of the submissions went into the queue and increased the judge processing time. Keeping SnackDown Pre-Elimination 2017 contest into consideration, we want to keep our judge servers in the best possible state and hence we have decided to cancel LTIME48 and make in an unrated contest. We regret the inconvenience.

The judge hung up, and the SnackDown Preliminary is within 20 minutes from now. So the CodeChef team decided to make Lunchtime 48 UNRATED for the sake of a fast SnackDown judging server.

And I think its a brilliant decision.

Wasnt snackdown from 11pm ?

Why the answers are not public??

I think answer will be made public after 10:30

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Not made public @bhola_nit .Neither the questions are moved to practice section.

Can the questions be moved to practice section please, I’m eagerly waiting to see if my solution works.


Their judging servers were getting heavy traffic and since SNACK-DOWN Pre-elimination was to follow, to keep their servers in best possible state they forfeit the contest, Problems will surely moved to practice section soon. :slight_smile: