May Challenge 2017 Rejudge Issue

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What happened? Why does going to the RANKINGS page of May 17 challenge show this up?

same question here pal :<

Check the contest main page, they have put CHEFBATL solutions to rejudge.
“05/18/2017, 17:20 hrs IST: The challenge problem CHEFBATL has been put for rejudge. And it will take some time. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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This is going to be rejudge may be due to some cheating is caught. As there is one site where some one had discuss the approach. It is just an assumption.

Challenge problems are being rejudged, which will take time. I suggest, check your updated ranks tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Correct me if i’m wrong, but all long contests’ challenge problems are rejudged after the contest is over (they are tested on more data and a more accurate number of points are awarded) , right? In that case, this may not be happening as the other long contests didnt have such a page being displayed. Hope its rectified soon enough!

Oh yes, just checked the blog post about it!

Oh, okay then. Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is happening because for every long challenge there is one approximate problem which is also a tie breaker between the contestants and once the contest ends they rejudge the submissions for that questions with extra testcases to decide the final ranklist.

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One of my friend submitted his code at 2:45 pm on last day and contest was over at 3:00 but he got AC at around 3:15 pm but his ranking was not updated at that moment so this might be the case here.
They must be arranging the rankings of the guys who submitted code before contest but their result came after contest .

Now they have enabled Ranking Page.You all can check your updated ranks.

This could be very inconvenient in future. As some other website may come with similar agenda. Codechef platform could introduce a new contest settings to counter such activities.

Hello. Till when the ratings are updated usually.

Near end of the month