may -13 rankings

when will the rankings be updated, usually it is updated by half hour from the time the contest ends.

The May Contest has ended!

The editorials for May Challenge will be uploaded tomorrow.

All problems will be added to the practice section.

Solutions are public for all problems.

Winners Blog Post will be updated soon. The ratings will be calculated tomorrow.



y is it taking so much time for the ratings to be updated ??

Just wait a little longer :wink: Is the rating for long contests important? No, it’s not, because there are so many cheaters, that rank is just a Icing on the cake, so wait a little longer to get it :wink:


yes, there are so many cheaters.

The ratings were recalculated because of the reported cheating case in April Challenge 2013. But, it will be recalculated due to the issues we faced during the calculation.

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