Maximum problems solved

Just a random question. Who has solved maximum problems on codechef? AFAIK code_hard123 has solved about 900 problems. Is there anyone who has solved more than 1k problems?


Both of them are true inspiration

Check this user :

And, keep an eye on him, He just started his first year of UG about 4-5 months ago and he is already one of the leading coders from India . He has solved about 630 questions and if he keeps his dedication constant till the end. He will definitley reach 1000.


@code_hard123 is my very good friend and i am in his ACM ICPC team .
And trust me this guy has worked very hard to achieve this level .

Solving 900 + problems one thing , but no one can ever imagine how much WAs, TLEs he must have faced .

We must get inspired from these people who work hard .

PS :- code_hard123 is not a nerdy type of guy :expressionless: but yes a geek !!


Here, I present you the ultimate coder with 1548 problems solved : pummy02

Just see her stats and you will know the reason of her success :stuck_out_tongue:

@torque pummy02 have solved 1548 problems with just 1799 solution which is nearly impossible and see her long ratings (they are in negative) . I don’t think that she has solved all problems on her own without copying solutions. And just look at the number of solutions submitted by @code_hard123 it is more than three times of 1799.

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I guess pummy02 is Rajnikant in the field of coding!!LOL!

This guy has reached 1k problems .