Maxim and Progressions

is time limit too strict?? my O(n * 100 * 10) is getting TL.

same here me too getting tle . I also have same complexcity

No it is not strict

How will you not get TLE …!!!


O(n * 100 * 10) = 2x10^8 - What else do you want me to say …!!! -_-

time limit is 2sec. 10^8 = 1s.
so 2*10^8 = 2sec
why TLE is so obvious for you? please tell…

Come on, don’t discuss the problem here, it’s an ongoing contest… yes, sometimes your code is just too slow to pass, work on it, the end.

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Oh wow, 10^8 = 1sec? Only if its on your machine and only if its constant time operations… Codechef judge MIGHT be worst than your local machine and plus, all the operations you are performing are, I bet, being performed in not constant time, so, that complexity analysis is wrong… Or at least is not tight at all… look carefully at all operations and realize that, like that, your solution wont pass the TL

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also, there are 10 test cases in a file

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also, there are 10 test cases in a file

just check things on IDEONE that how it works and u will get idea about execution time of ur program…If it passes there it will mostly pass on codechef…

trying this for a week now…getting TLE…did a lot of optimization although it is not O(n)…