MAXDIFF "wrong answer"

I m getting “Wrong answer” for this submission . Can anyone please help to check and tell me the reason as to why this is not being accepted. As I check at my end, the output and input format are exactly the same as required.
~Thanks for your time

I did some modifications to you code and it got AC.

check it out code link

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never print anything except the output. You don’t have to make your program user friendly. Strictly follow the Output format.
and i added the line

if(k>(n-k)) k=n-k;

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@aichemzee, Thanks a lot for your help.
I get your point regarding the output formats, but I don’t understand why we need this line here.
if(k>(n-k)) k=n-k;
Can you explain a bit.

we need this line because if k gets larger than n/2 the other group (having n-k elements) will have lesser number of items. So to increase the difference you will have to choose n-k smaller elements in this group and the larger k elements in the other.


@aichemzee, Thanks bhai… :slight_smile: