Here’s a site that has maths problems to solve, with a ranklist and a judge. You can also add problems.
Here’s the link, and do tell me here if you like it. MathWizard

First few problems are more computational, but towards the end of the problem list you’ll find interesting problems. And you can also discuss about various matters there on the Disqus.

I’ll edit this post notifying of other changes.

UPD: A new top 10 list has been made.

UPD: A new badges feature is added. Badge qualifications will be detailed shortly.

UPD: A new country name feature is added. Please add your country name on the site on the problems page.

UPD: A much needed feature, ie discussions for individual problems, has been now added. You
can access it by opening the desired problem and by clicking on the link there.
UPD: There was a problem here…which is now hopefully fixed. Any abnormalities found…please report on the main disqus (The tab ‘Disqus’ at the top)!

UPD: MathML(using MathJax) support has been added.

UPD: A problem search facility has been added.

UPD: MathWizard Admin (Problem Setting) Board established. You can also participate, if you wish to contribute good problems!

UPD: Editorial feature added. After solving a problem you’ll get the editorial by clicking
on the tick mark that appears beside it (provided it has been written).
For problem-setters: Please write the editorials for your problems as soon as
possible. You can do this, by opening the problem. Then click on the Write/Edit The
Editorial option to write/edit the editorial for the problem. :slight_smile:

UPD: Relative Difficulty Score for problems has been added.


@mbrc : Thanks for the info .

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Liking the site?

@mbrc : Yeah , its cool ! Seems to be a new site , not too many problems up there.

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You may add some problems too…using the Add Problems Tab.

The idea is good. Very similar to Project Euler. But the site is very slow.

Why are you decreasing the rating after wrong answers?
It’s the worst thing to do.
When you accidentally made a mistake in some simple problem or whatever,
your rating decreased and you never have a chance to fix this.
This demotivates a lot and only inspires to create multiple accounts.
The problems should be such that simple guessing will not work for solving them.
Like at PE.

Especially taking into account that for many problems output format is unclear.
Why do I need to lose my rating guessing the correct output format?

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It is rightly pointed and the problem has been rectified. Rating is no longer decreased after wrong answer.

Problems sets will definitely be improved. :slight_smile:

@mbrc : That’s nice , i am not against point deduction but some questions have ambiguity like format in which we should enter the answer , for eg. if answer is a ratio . There one can get wrong answer for stupid reasons .
@mbrc : Does there exist moderation of questions which users add , or just anything gets added .

@all hello guys in the mathwizard site everyone can add the question and also he/she can submit the solution for his/her problem.

I think this is not good.

Some people can create problem and add it with wrong solution.

How many of you are agree with me.

please change the submission setting that the problem author cannot submit the solution of the problem.

Happy Coding!!!


I am strongly disagree with complete not allowing of problem-setter to get the points for the problem. In this case the problem-setter can’t have a chance to fight for the top spot.

This is implemented at Mathalon and we see Robert Gerbicz that solves almost all the problem (excepting some recent easy problems) at the second place while akdheirl at the first place did not solve several hard problems from all over the problem set.

But to handle the situation you’ve mentioned the problem-setter should get the points for the problem once at least one person solve this problem. This of course could be cheated by creating second account and posting the answer from there. But let suppose that we here not to cheat :slight_smile:

Another solution would be to use relative ranking like percent of solved problems among all problems but excluding problems posed by the author. This still makes some advantage to people not posting any problems but at least any problem setter could achieve perfect score by solving all the problems. It was used for some time at Mathalon and was very good but then they moved to the absolute score which I really don’t like and now regret that post problems there.


@anton_lunyov : Thanks , I learnt about Mathalon through your comments . I was not aware of this site . Also I agree with your point that posting problems should be encouraged/rewarded and something like Mathalon should be used at Mathwizard .

@upendra1234 But dont you think the person uploading most of the problems will have a lesser rating because of it. And if anyone might do as you say, the problem may be marked by us users and can be cross checked by admin and if any fault is found, it can be removed.


Hi, what’s the output format for your problem “Tell me the sides!!!”?

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@manasvi2001 how do you determine or check the problem submitted by a user .

I have a suggestion if you can do.
Please don’t allow a user to solve own problem.

Happy Coding!!!

Don’t allowing user to solve own problem makes the same effect as before. Are you trolling or what? And finally clarify you mall-formed problem “Solve IT2!”!

For you it really make sense to not allow to solve own problem!

@anton_lunyov: Following yours and many others’ suggestions, a separate comments section for each problem has been added.You can now post your doubt about any problem(Like SolveIT2!) in the Disqus section for each problem (You can click the link there) there itself. Any clarifications about any doubt will henceforth be made there (if any doubt is posted there) by the author of the problem. Others having similar doubts will collectively be answered.

@upendra1234: Please clarify your problem (Solve IT2!) at the disqus there.

Although the goal to be achieved by this site is amiable, there are numerous issues with the site that plague one’s experience with it.

For example, many of the problems given are ambiguous. As @anton_lunyov has said in the comments, “Tell me the Sides!” and “Solve IT2!” are just two examples incredibly ambiguous and malformed problems that don’t seem to be questions at all. Additionally, many of the physics questions do not tell us what proper assumptions we have to make (i.e is g = 9.8m/s^2 or 10m/s^2?). Lastly, some of the problems have incorrect solutions. For example, the problem “evaluate” is a simple multiplication problem of 8.23 * 109. The answer is clearly 897.07, yet the system says it is a wrong answer.

The site has a lot of potential, but there are several anomalies associated with it that hinder an individual’s experience with the website.

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I finally cracked “Tell me the sides!!!” crap.
The correct mathematical meaning is “Tell me the number of sides!” :smiley:

Also all physics problems are easy googlable by searching first sentence in “” at google.
Only at one problem author change numbers.
For all others, answer could be simply copied from and similar web-pages where he takes his problems.

Also many math problems can be solved in the same way.

Often when English is very bad or problem statement is too long I simply tried to google some sentence and almost always get the answer :slight_smile:


You should provide possibility to discuss solutions for those who solve the particular problem like at PE, Mathalon,

I think it is the most important feature.
I simply guessed several “Next term” problems (BTW I hate this kind of problems and post mine as a revenge to all who post such kind of problems) but didn’t get a pattern and this forum for solvers will help then.

Also I think that each problem setter should be required to provide a solution to his problem (at least briefly) which should be visible once the problem is solved.

And IMHO problems should be moderated at least briefly to avoid malformed problems like “evaluate”.
Also when moderated the problem should be tried to search over the internet.
And in case exactly the same problem exists on some other resource at least formulation should be changed so that it will be not possible to simply google the problem like for many current problems.