Mastering DP

Hey fellow coders, can one master dp with practicing dp problems, can the visualization be made stronger and better?

Yes, for Sure. !

Practice makes man perfect

Hey @mansigupta19 few minutes ago i was searching over the internet for dynamic programming and i found this: .

and this one too; .

Also for problems refer this thread:

@acodebreaker2 gave really helpful links for practice…

btw I still didn’t read whole article of QUORA, but i am posting it here in hope that they might be good…!

I think we’re on the same boat… So please share your views about the article… I’ll post more links if i find… :slight_smile: Best of Luck for preparation… :slight_smile:

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@rishabhprsd7 and @mansigupta19 Even I am on the same boat these days :P. But I truly believe now, start from here and here. Certainly these problems(of the first link) are very, very easy but they’ll give you the direction of how to start thinking of a question in terms of dp. Atleast, it gave me!! I started visualizing dp to atleast some extent. I started doing some problems from this link and then simultaneously did a problem from spoj or codechef each day. And I am atleast able to think of the substructure and code it. My code may not be perfect in one go, or even 5 trials, but in the end I discover all the mistakes and get an AC. Always remember and do a question with this in mind:

cout<<"Getting an AC is not our aim but learning the essentials is!!^_^";

Attempt keeping just two things in mind, you only need to check the two requirements of dp and write a recurrence relation. Everything will then happen itself!!


Thanks @damn_me… :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely go through your links and practice and yes main aim is to learn…Thanks a lot…