March Rating Unupdated

Can I know why are Codechef March Contests Ratings not regularly updated on the profile. It had been regularly updated before then why not now ?? @admin

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the march rating for long challenge will be updated b4 this month end but the rating for this times cook-off have been cancelled.

Have Patience Young Jedi ! Trust the Codechef you must. You should trust that ratings updates have been delayed not because of the laziness or lack of enough care from Codechef. It is because there are some minor fixes pending with the new rating system . They will be updated with the earliest possible , don’t worry.
And COOK80 is unrated.

@agrocks23, Your long challenge ratings will be updated soon(before April long challenge). It takes time to check plagiarism. And CodeChef is very serious in this matter.

I remember this Q being asked not long ago here.

The answer is the same-

admin's reply on Facebook: "We will be updating the ratings soon. The delay has been due to some pending fixes in the new rating system. Once we do that, we will update the ratings."
-(Answer provided by ) @meooow
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Well I typed March Rating and no previously asked similar question popped up so I went on asking the question. I am also not fond of filling the forum with duplicate questions. Thanks by the way for pointing out :slight_smile:

Well guys, I was just curious enough to ask and so I did. I hope the rating gets updated soon :slight_smile:

I am aware of that. That’s why I didn’t mention “You should have search” &etc. Next time, just mention “March” or month name, you will find your answer dear :slight_smile:

Still ratings are not updated!!

@ysumit99, we know.

Be patient, I am eager to see my rate increase too. Why dont you go and solve some problems for not wasting the time?

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