March Lunchtime 2017

Hello Codecheffers!

I’d like you to invite for CodeChef March Lunchtime that will start at 19:30 IST of 25-th March 2017 and will last 3 hours.
Note that the contest starts in less than 2 hours!

I’m a setter. Testers: Hasan Jaddouh, Sergey Kulik. Translators: Sergey Kulik(Russian), Hu Zecong (Mandarin) and VNOI team (Vietnamese).

There is no registration required, anybody with a CodeChef handle can participate. Top school participants can win CodeChef laddus (details on the contest page).

You will be provided 4 problems with subtasks (IOI-style grading).
Ties are broken by time of reaching your final score.

Remember about subtasks if you can’t solve a problem for the full score, and read the editorial after the contest.

I wish you great fun and no frustrating bugs.
See you on the leaderboard.