March long challenge

When will the rating be updated??
It has been alredy very late

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Take a look at this post and I think you will get the answer to your question.


Please be patient. You will get your rating, even I am curious to know the rating. There has been some bug in the algorithm that calculates the rating, so this might take some time.

please upvote me i need karma points to ask questions


There is already some bug with previous ratings…it will be fixed as told by admin

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please upvote me i need to ask something very urgent

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You ALREADY had enough karma to ask question before this answer. Please delete this before @admin sees this, as he may take your case as spamming the forums. :slight_smile:

previous ratings have been resolved…u are now 3*

Lol, thanks for info XD

(PS: Woohoo! 3 star :stuck_out_tongue: )