March Long Challenge 2019 - ETA for the remaining problems?

Three days into the contest, and we are still 2 problems short in the 1st Division.

When can we expect these problems to be available?

Given such a delay, is there a plan to extend the contest duration? If so, then by how much?

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MATPER has been added. The Challenge problem should be added by end of day.
The contest will probably be extended by 1 day. We’ll put up an announcement confirming this soon.

NO challenge problem till now


24th CodeChef Traditions (Unoffical) -
“Never assume that we will comply with the ETA which we announce.”


Maybe add this too: “CodeChef to never provide all problems at the start of long challenge and add them later.”

A laddus point to every participant (who solved at least 1 problem) for every day a problem is not available? It would alleviate the overall anxiety, I think :slight_smile:

So far, it’s 7 laddus points for everybody in the 1st division - 3 for MATPER and 4 for the approximate one. And 4 points to the folks in the 2nd division…

All in the spirit of the 10 years anniversary!


Will wait for at least one more challenge to add this.

@admin please add the challenge problem

I don’t think this time challenge problem will be added lol XD