March Cook OFF annoucement

Hello everyone!

I’d like you to invite for CodeChef March Cook-Off that will start at 21:30 IST of 19-th March 2017 (check your time zone here) and will last 2.5 hours.

I am the author of problems and editorials, while Errichto is the tester. There are also some other people who helped with translations and miscellaneous issues who I will fill in later.

There is no registration required, anybody with a CodeChef handle can participate. Top participants can win CodeChef laddus (details on the contest page).

You will be provided 5 problems. There’s one problem that shows a style of problems I would like to see more in competitions. Let me know what your thoughts are after the contest.

Hope to see you all on the leaderboard!


There’s one problem that shows a style of problems I would like to see more in competitions

What does that mean?

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Not particularly clear to me, but I think he is referring to either that “interactive” problem or the other type of problem (where we have to flush files. Cant remember name atm.)

You’ll see during the contest. I can talk about it what specifically I mean about it after the contest.


Oooooh. Interesting. I think I am getting some idea on what to expect :wink:

Bump, this is happening in about an hour and a half!

very excited,if someone not able to solve 1 but he tried then he will recieve 1000 laddus after one year?

Partially correct problems count.

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yes, only correct or partially correct otherwise people will use a mobile to submit a code which doesn’t even compile :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t think about if you are not able to solve even 1 problem. You surely will be able to and a person who doesn’t know cp also is able to solve that problem as the first problem is made so.

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haha,im not talking abt myself,with god grace i can solve upto 3

check out above comment- “if someone”

Don’t be over-confident as well though. Problems start getting tougher from problem 2 and requires topics like DP and graphs.

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i am over confident? huh.i said i can solve upto 2-3

huh…so you do like probability questions…!

Don’t discuss contest problems before the contest ends