making a university leaderboard page

Hey I wanted to make a website for my university’s Codechef Campus chapter , and it would be nice if it had a leaderboard based on students’ codechef rating or no. of problems solved or something.

My question is , is there some way to get a list of all usernames who belong to a specific university ? And once I get the usernames , is there some API or something which will give me the user’s details ?

Or do I have to do it the hard way , i.e. , asking students to fill up a form , get the usernames from the responses and make a web scraper to periodically scrape the details from their user page on codechef ?

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The ratings page does allow filtering by institution. There are also separate ratings pages for all 3 types of contests (Long Challenge, Cook-off and Lunchtime), go to the bottom of this page.
There were talks of an API a few months back maybe when Codechef asked for opinions, but there hasn’t been any news of it recently. I guess a scraper is the only way for now.

Sadly, many things went just out of news :frowning:

Thanks a lot for the answer , I never knew a separate ratings page existed … I’ll run a scraper on that page after filtering by my university name , thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No problem! Good luck with your website :slight_smile: