Make it possible to submit solution after contest in contest area

Admin , I am not sure but sometime it bit odd to solve the problem after the contest , we have to find it in the practice area and then submit it . It will be great if we can do the same in the contest area after the contest is over , we can have some visual representation to make the difference . It really keeps the context alive.

One more point is when we add the problem to ToDo list from contest , it contains the link to the contest problem , it means to solve the problem and submit the solution i need to find the practice URL that is sometime dampens the sprit :slight_smile:

Hello dev8546

Let me tell you an interesting feature on the codechef then you do nā€™t have to search for a particular problem in the practice section.

Do this ā€¦

  1. Go to the contest .
  2. open the problem which you want to solve . say this
  3. Now remove the contest name from the link and press enter BOOM for the above problem link will become and you will taken to the practice version of the same problem .

Hope you like this ā€¦

Cheers codechef / coding


Hey read what i have written down. You will surely like it ā€¦

There is also an extension to achieve this -

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I really like this hack :slight_smile: thanks for pointing out the lovely hack .

Thanx :DD: