Magical Girl and Colored Liquid Potions OCT 14 Official answer is flawed

Official answer for this problem is sub-optimal. Hence if you implement a correct solution you’ll get a “wrong answer”. I have managed to get an “ac” by implementing a sub-optimal solution.


Yeah It is flawed . Even i have managed to get ac by sub-optimal solution only :frowning:

yeah me too. Hope it gets corrected…

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Why the problem setter(@dpraveen) not clearing up the confusion?


It is true. We (me and tester) missed this. I am personally very ashamed about the situation. We’ll surely take decision about what to do next. I am waiting for tester’s reply. As soon as we get that, we will take action over this issue.


I know about the situation. Please read my answer below. I had known about the situation around 5 hours ago. I am still waiting for tester’s reply.

How soon should we expect for this problem to be resolved?


what is this sub optimal solution??