LOSTMAX - Editorial




Author and Editoriallist - AmirReza PoorAkhavan

Tester - MohammadSina Pakseresht

Second Tester - Shayan CheshmJahan






Given a list of N + 1 numbers, N mixed up with them, find the maximum number between this N numbers.


Let A be the original list of size N. The number N was added in this list. Let the updated list be B. We can find the list A from the list B by finding any occurrence of the number N and deleting it. Finding maximum in a list can be done by iterating over its elements in linear time.

Parsing the input into a list of integers
For reading a line from standard input, you can use

 getline(cin, s) 

, it will read a line and save it in string s.

You can parse the input string into integers as follows. Use [string stream][4], read a line by 


 and put it into some stringstream, then read ints one by one until it has some. You can check if it has some using 

ss >> a

, it will return false if nothing is remained in stringstream (see my code for better understanding). 


Setter's code - [here][1] (using getline and stringstream). 

Tester's code - [here][2] (using getline and parsing the input manually). 

Second tester's code - [here][3] (using getline and parsing the input manually). 

[1]: http://www.codechef.com/download/Solutions/LTIME50/Setter/LOSTMAX.cpp
[2]: http://www.codechef.com/download/Solutions/LTIME50/Tester1/LOSTMAX.cpp
[3]: http://www.codechef.com/download/Solutions/LTIME50/Tester2/LOSTMAX.cpp
[4]: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/sstream/stringstream/

Is it fair to rejudge a problem in a contest where ranking is decided on basis of time of submission rather than no of WA attempts?

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Please dont make test cases in a hurry, this cakewalk, will cause many a huge rating loss, and for noobs like me, ratings are the best motivators.

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Can someone explain what happened ?

I submitted the first problem yesterday and got WA. I got demotivated and left because the first problem was the easiest. Today, I came back online and saw (with some pleasant surprise and happiness) that it did get accepted ! Can someone explain what happened ?

using namespace std;
int main()
int t;
int l;
char ch;
int a[100];
int i=0,j=0;
int freq=0,max=0;
if(a[j]!=l-1 && a[j]>max)
else if(a[j]>max && freq>1)

Thanks for WA

I am getting SIGSEGV error. Not sure where I am going wrong. Find attached below my solution :


using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char** argv)
ios::sync_with_stdio(false), cin.tie(0);

int t;

assert(1<=t && t<=100);


	string line;
	long long num;
	int len;

	getline(cin, line);

	stringstream ss(line);

	vector<long long>arr;


	len = arr.size() - 1;
	assert(1<=len && len<=50);		

	vector<long long>::iterator k;

		if(*k == len)
	cout<<*max_element(arr.begin(), arr.end())<<endl;

return 0;


There is one more method to know the number of inputs before hand. I read it in some comments of codechef forums only. We can use

   char temp;
        int n;

Everytime we enter something in buffer say ‘\r’ or ‘\n’ all of those will go in temp and you will know when to stop.

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What is wrong with my solution? I have tested all possible test cases.This is my submission for LOSTMAX from LTIME50. Further clarifications on where I went wrong is appreciated. Thank You.

Any java implemetation of the same ?
I did one but am getting WA on the second test case!

Second TC has array numbers >9, i.e. 2 digit numbers. If you are taking entire line as input (as string), then make sure you are correctly assigning values to array. I.e. storing 19 in array instead of 1 and 9 in 2 adjacent indices.

WA for sub-task 1, task#1. Where am i going wrong?

I am getting WA for Task#1. Can someone please tell what’s wrong with my solution?


If c[0]=c.size()-1 and it is the greatest element then your code give that as output which is wrong.
3 1 2 1
your code output:3
correct output: 2
So put c=0 or any negative number and run loop from 0.You will get AC.

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Using getline(cin, s) is not necessary https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/16693972 .
Above sol credits to some one whose code I Stalked.

what is wrong with my code…https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/22446721…It is showing wrong answer on second task…althoughmy new code get submitted correctly…but I wanna know what is wrong with this…