Looking for editorialists for ACM-ICPC 2016 India Rounds!!

Hi CodeCheffers,

We need some people who can contribute in the editorial writing of ICPC 2016 India onsite rounds. It will be really useful for people, as ICPC session is coming up. The editorialists will be compensated for their work as standard editorial payments of CodeChef (Detail here).

Please write a comment here if you are interested in it, or shoot an email to problems@codechef.com.


  1. You can see the criteria required for becoming an editorialist here.
  2. You need not write editorials for a complete regional, you can write for some of the problems too. It’s expected that editorialist has a good command over the English language. We can provide you the setter’s/tester’s and other people solutions. We can possibly also help in providing a short outline of the expected solution/s. We expect you to write a clean and detailed editorial from that.



You mean, previous years round?

@vijju123: Yes, previous years’ rounds.

That sounds fun to be honest…:slight_smile:

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Count me in :slight_smile:
On what basis will the editorialists be chosen, though?


@meooow: All you have to do is to select a contest and some of its problems for which you want to write the editorials. Then, I will get a private discuss page created for you, and you can start writing the editorials from the hardest to the lowest difficulty level of the problems you selected, feedback of each editorial will be provided as soon as you finish it. That’s the idea.

Interested in this.

P.S. Couldn’t comment because of karma restrictions.

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I’m interested in this and would be glad to help !