Longest Regular Bracket Sequence


Didn’t understood the meaning of:

a bracket sequence is called regular, if by inserting «+» and «1» into it we can get a correct mathematical expression.

In the example, «(())()» is regular. Is the answer would be 6 1 ?

In the sample test «)((())))(()())» is 6 2. I understood why its 6 2

but if the input had been «)((()))(()())» i.e. removing the bold ‘)’ in previous line, should the answer be 12 1 ?

yes, your answer is right is all three cases. Once you finish coding up your solution, have a look at the tutorial here http://codeforces.com/blog/entry/213, should clear your doubts.

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Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem.

I think the definition of regular sequence is given in a better way here:

(though its slightly different definition due to two types of bracket in SPOJ).