Longest Common Pattern

How to make output screen wait without using getch() or delay()?

use system(“pause”);

Simply don’t do that. If you commit such code to judge, judge will not press additional key and you will get TLE…

Simply use output redirection, for example if your program is test.cpp and executable is test, then do

test > test.txt

You will see better in that file if your output format is ok :wink:

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Any relation with the question title that you have written? And don’t tell me you’re using turbo C++ or Borland or something…

Anyways, you can use a dummy variable and input it.

//at the end of the code before return 0; write

int dummy;

this will wait for you to enter something.

use system(“pause”);

i am using borland turbo c++ and getting error " prog.cpp:1:24: fatal error: iostream.h: No such file or directory # include ^ compilation terminated. " plz…help the program is running fine on my computer…