Long submission queue during the ending hours of November Long Challenge

I had to wait for around 20-25 minutes to get the result of my submission during the last hour of November Long Challenge. This made it very difficult to solve an “almost” solved question, and in the end the submission page itself crashed. Did anyone else face this delay in result due to the long queue of submissions ?


This usually happens at final hours of long. If you see, every 10-20 second a new submission turns up for a problem (especially last 5) where people submit for brute force points.

Its advised to grab your points before, you have 9 days for that. Dont procrastinate- because everybody else does!


True that, but logic strikes at its own time! :smiley:


True. I did SEGPROd just 2 hrs before the contest. What I meant is, at least get your brute force points before. We cannot do anything if suddenly 100 random people decide to submit within 15 minutes XD

Yes, brute force points are grabbed asap. Btw my “almost” solved question was SEGPROD xD

That Q was HELL. I had to switch tactics, got AC 20hrs after deducing correct logic and implementing it.

I don’t think it can be helped. The best ideas pops up with greatest desperation :D.

I too spent the last 6 hours of the contest optimizing SEGPROD hoping to get the partials later, ended up missing both xD
It’s always best to avoid the last few hours.


I haven’t ever seen a question with this tight constraints before SEGPROD


Mate, juts imagine the large queue in front of a major blockbuster movie first day first show. They can make more counters to reduce size of waiting list and reduce time, but they never does because they know it isn’t worth the trouble.

Just the same way with codechef. They can increase the number of servers, but the cost isn’t compensatory. You can’t have infinite capacity and therefore an appropriate balance (and compromise) between speed and cost is unavoidable.

Hope this convince you. (Mine solution too took 25 min CHEFNIL submitted very last minute).

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The first sub-task of the last section! :smiley:

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