Long rankings

Here are two links, one of them (jaisharma639) is to my profile and other to that of my friend:

My question is like this: This is my 6th long contest , and i did pretty well in the last two(solved 3&5 questions respectively) , after oct14 , my rank improved from 9000 to 4500.
Now here is the other profile , it was his first long contest on codechef, he did pretty awesome (solved 4 questions) in oct14 , his rank went from NA to 5000.
There’s another story, i got blocked on codechef 2 days back, reason being CODE WAS COPIED( i dont want to explain this thing here). So my question is , how they are evaluating the results? Is it because that i got blocked and saw such a small increment in my ranking? If being blocked isn’t the reason then why we 2 have almost same ranking (just a difference of 1k) , although i had solved problems earlier too.
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same problem here too. Dis was my 2nd long contest and I solved 4. But they increased my points only 85. Not only that my proflie doesn’t even show any problems was solved by me. Don’t know what’s going on with codechef ranking lately? :confused:

You can see rankings of the October Long Challenge in this ranklist. Noting that both the accounts(search1, search2) are ranking 1608 for scoring 4 points in the contest. Long Challenge ratings doesn’t consider time factor or number of wrong attempts. Your 5th problem might found similar to some other’s code which got caught in plagiarism test. So they might have not considered that in rankings.
But still, on knowing a similar case that is posted here… there might be some problem in CodeChef scoring system if the case is not as mentioned above.

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