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I have seen there is a “problem setter” on codechef who always write 2 page questions while his questions are logically lame…rather we can say he write essay instead of problem statement . So it’s my humble request to codechef plz include good question rather than long statement question.I don’t want to reveal the username of that setter but yeah admin should take proper action from next contests…so that any new ,professional and students never feel bore to read it…and encourage them to solve…you can provide good questions in short statements…:smiley:


Y U NO tell username ?

it’s not good i just want to request the organizers make good problems with good languages and avoid too much lengthy statements…

Sometimes, the problem is too trivial, that the only fun is in finding the actual task from the given question.

For example, in this problem, if the question were, “find the number of set bits in the nth Fibonacci number”, then it would have been really boring, as suggested by you. The beauty of the problem is in the longer problem statement.

After all, what/where is the fun, if you were always given the task directly, rather than you being made to identify the task first and then solve it??


i disagree first of all u have given the example of question i m not categorizing it in lengthy one. Second, of all short language doesn’t mean that u have given the task directly . You can make good statement
using 50-60 line… Beauty of the problem is about the concept not the lengthier statement. for ex:- chk the statement of this problem.
http://ww2.codechef.com/JAN13/problems/HOB/ many users didn’t give tym to it . but after contest it was categorizing in simple or medium…

@ab1234 It was me who made it so long. If you are so smart and know the shorter way of writing this problem statement but still keeping the high level of clarity let me know. And if you blaming problem CPP at the main topic then again it’s seems impossible to describe it shorter. Even now it is still not very clear and additional paragraphs clarifying some things would make it better (making it even longer as you don’t like).


@ab1234, adding to what @tijoforyou and @anton_lunyov said, even with clear questions a lot of users complain either about constraints or things that don’t seem clear, so writing the problem statement with clarity without giving major tips helps a lot. Though for CPP I think adding a blank line between the requirements (lack of better term) would help a lot. The problem statement looks a bit clustered.

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@anton_lunyov but still “vinayak garg” questions is always crossing the limit of two pages i won’t understand the fact the kind of logic he covered in these kind of questions

can be implemented within shorter statements .