Long Challenges Problems

Why don’t CodeChef posts all the problems of Long Challenges at one go?

They Will, have patience. The problems of Long Challenges are quite well designed and require a lot scrutiny and thorough checking of the test cases, also don’t forget about the challenge problem.

Generally they upload all of them at one go, but maybe they are cooking something fun for us this month


Sometimes the problem selection mayn’t be finalized may be. However it shouldn’t be a problem as they usually post rest of the problems within 2 days , till then try other problems.

It’s a ‘Long Challenge’, which lasts 10 days.
They don’t expect people to finish all 10 problems in one day.
No problem if you do, but finalizing the proper set of questions might be the reason(which ones to include, which ones to save for later).
Also it is interesting to look at the leaderboard when new problems get added later :wink:

You are expected to solve single problem in one Day.
They give you enough time to solve one problem.
Long contests are basically for beginers.