The long challenge ratings are still in need of an update after DEC15.

It still reflects the wrong results where the challenge problem TANKS wasn’t taken into account.To convince yourself that this is the case, have a look at the gain/loss col at first page of the ratings. Everybody who had 900 points besides the challenge problems has a gain of approximately 800 points. When taking TANKS into account this should look differently.

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Hey ceilks, We have recalculated the ratings for DEC15. If you still find any discrepancy in the ratings, kindly do let us know.

When will the rankings be updated up to January Long Challenge?
@admin Thanks!

The rating update for JAN16 will be delayed as we are re-configuring our plagiarism detection and optimizing it. We want the new system to take place from the first contest of the year and hence the delay. Kindly be with us.

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