LONG CHALLENGE JUNE14 ratings not updated?

It is more than 24 hours and ratings for the JUNE14 is not yet updated.


Be patient, they will update them. They usually take 2-3 days to update.
Sometimes they take even more time but this happens rarely.

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Dont Worry bro! Your rating will go high!! :slight_smile:
Congo You have done well this month! :slight_smile:


that’s the only major drawback of codechef… the ratings take forever to update…

There are bigger problems than that - cheaters, and people asking for help during the contests + those revealing problem ideas during the long contests…

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I agree cheating direct or indirect is a problem too, but personally it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m only here to learn and I know for sure that you will never become really good by cheating.


@betlista i agree, there are problems, but I dont think updating rating requires much human effort and also ratings should be updated in time, as a week later i guess, there will be short contests.
@kmampent i totally agree with you, the main aim of these sites is to improve your skills.