Log in from differnt account in Snackdown!!

I wanted to ask whether we can log from different places in snackdown. So I mailed codechef. I didn’t get any reply. When later, I was going through the FAQ, I got this -

alt text

So can someone explain me this.

Don’t we have to log in with our team??
Can 1 of us log in with the team one and the other with his own account??
Can we do this simultaneously??


@mathecodician I’ve participated in team contests in past. As we see with our main CodeChef accounts they only allow us one active session at a time. This rule is same with the teams in any team contest hosted on CodeChef.

You need not login with your team ID the problems are visible to everyone(including non participants).

No you don’t need to login. You can make submissions on behalf of your team.

Only one member can login from the team ID at a time but you both are allowed to use the team ID but not at the same time.

“both the team members can log in to their individual accounts from different places and make submission on behalf of their team.”

@only4 but there it is written that we can make a submission on behalf on our team.

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heh… that happens when your net goes… boom… while editing your answer :wink:

By the way thanks for pointing out, they changed the rules.

What I can infer from the statement written in FAQ is that 2 team members can make the submission by logging in through their codechef account and that submission would be considered as submission from the team to which their codechef account is part of . Hence both the team members by logging in to their personal account can participate as a team and sumbit the solutions simultaneously.

I request @admin to confirm whether my inference is true. If its true , then its a great change. Because it is really painful to participate in team contest of short format with single team account where you have to log out and log in several times.
If this change is being applied to Snackdown , then please apply it to all the future team contests.

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I am also thinking that but I am not sure.

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So I got the mail from codechef that we can work from both the machines.

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